Canning Classes- 101 Introduction to Home Canning

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Home Canning is our Birthright!

Anyone can can, using the basic cooking implements they already have.

Introduction to Home Canning and Food Preservation
Learn the Basics of Home Canning and Food Preservation in this 1 hour lecture. Topics will cover History of Home Canning, Canning Principals, Introduction to Canning Equipment and Specialized Supplies and How to Plan and Purchase Produce for Home Canning. Following the class, students will be able to choose the equipment that corresponds to the food they want to preserve. Attendees will receive a handout with recommended books and supplies for home canning. Students also receive 10% off any canning supplies purchased on the day of the class.

When: Classes forming up all Spring & Summer.

Ideal Network students visit this page to register for class. You will receive an email with private links to register for other upcoming classes using your $5 off coupon.
    Classes meet: in the Teaching Kitchen at Goods For The Planet, 525 Dexter Ave N. Seattle 98109