Basic Skills - Product Labeling

What's in that jar?? Is it strawberry jam or strawberry ice cream topper? Are those pickles mild or super hot?

Once a project is done and headed for the pantry, the last step is proper labeling. A label can be as simple as using a Sharpie to write the contents on the lid or a complicated as self-adhesive custom labels. No matter what you decide to use--do make it a point to do something!

I have been experimenting with all sorts of ways to label jars and I find that the brand name self-adhesive labels are pretty easy to print and put onto jar but darn hard to get back off your jars! I find myself reaching for lighter fluid or WD40 to remove the last of the adhesive!

Recently, I have been using a much lower-tech (and less expensive) plain paper label using thinned white glue to decoupage the slip to my jars. It's nearly as fast as self-adhesive labels and soaks off easily and quickly in warm water.

Mix a small amount of white glue with 2 or 3 times the amount of water and keep in a small container. Then, simply print out your choice of labels, let them dry for a few minutes, cut them out and glue them to your jars. I find it works better to put the thin glue on the jar and then put the label on that. Smooth it out and it will last as long as you need it to. You can add glue over the top to give the paper a slight shine that is a little nicer for gift giving.

Tutorial: How to Make your own labels with autofillPDF-Labels 1.0.

Here are some links to useful and pretty pre-made labels: