Sage Advice on Pressure Canners

I recommend a Weighted Gauge Pressure Canner instead of a Dial Gauge Canner for 2 good reasons:

1) Which ever weight you choose 5-10-15 pounds, that is what you will get, even if you walk away...the pressure is not going above that mark. Dial Gauge Canners will continue to creep up if they are not watched.

2) Weighted Canners never vary. Dial Gauge Canners need to be calibrated every couple of years to make sure the dial is accurate.

If you only plan on doing a little canning, the 16 quart is fine. 23 quart canners are for mass production --more than most people need. I also use the 16 quart as a pressure cooker(for meats and beans, etc), I would never think of using a 23 quart model for cooking--it is just tooooo big!

Weighted Gauge Pressure Canner
Dial Gauge Pressure Canner

New Pressure Canners run around $100-$250, and I have heard of them selling at Bed, Bath and Beyond for as low as $69.00. If you don't have access to the "Big City Stores", Ace Hardware Stores, everywhere, offer free shipping to your local store and a decent price on Canners.

It is common to see used Pressure Canners at estate/garage sales for $25 or so. Don't be scared to buy a used canner if the price is right--new gaskets are available for every model ever sold!